WELCOME! Today is July 07, 2015
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State Officers for 2014-15

State Chaplain
Fr. Joe Forcelle

State Deputy
John Limoges

Past State Deputy
Terry Schweitzer

State Secretary
Thad Liebig

State Treasurer
Dwight Gutzmer

State Advocate
Joe Lux

State Warden
Gerald Dvorak

Administrative Assistant
Doug Chilson

State Committee Directors for 2014-15

James Hulm
Community Activities Director

Barry Eske
Council Activities Director

Dennis Adelman
Youth Activities Director

Dale Steilen
Family Activities Director

Mike Jesse
Church Activities Director

Pat Thompson
Intellectual Disabilities Chairman

Doug Chilson
Student Loan Administrator

PSD Maynard Konechne
McGivney Guild Chairman

Deacon Steve McLaughlin
Native American Exchange Chairman

Tim Salmen
Ceremonials Chairman

Mike & Rosemary Jesse
Pro-Life Couple

PSD Terry Andersen
State Historian

Mark Nesladek
Communications Director
& Crusader Editor

Pat Powers
Membership - Retention
New Council Development Chairman

Ray Pierson
Membership - Retention
New Council Development Co-Chairman

PSD Paul Harens
KC Foundation Director

PSD Terry Andersen
For the Good of the Order Director